Saturday, May 7, 2011

Week 37 - My Watermelon

The last couple weeks, my doctor has said our baby is measuring a bit small.  So, he scheduled an ultrasound for me for this morning.  I was a little apprehensive because of his mild concern, but was also excited to see our baby again today.  He or she measured in at about 6lbs 5oz, which falls into the low side of normal, but still normal.  My doctor and the technician both suggested that because I have a longer torso, that may also contribute to me measuring small.  Hard to believe seeing how I weigh 30ish lbs more than I did before I was pregnant!  I don't think I'm all that photogenic lately, so I haven't many profile shots of late!  I'll try to have one taken again soon.

Here are a few pictures of baby's freshly painted room in Benjamin Moore's Dill Pickle.  I've been wanting to use this color for a long long time and love how it turned out!  We are seriously looking to have carpet installed upstairs which will make the upper floor much more inviting to spend time in.  Right now it's old, ugly, cold, cracked and bubbling laminate.  Throw rugs have helped a little.

I'm now officially full term.  If you recall, I went into labor the day I was 37 weeks with Malachi.  In effect, I'm much more prepared this time for our baby to come early.  The only thing I have left to do is pack an overnight bag and (this is a big one) pick a girl's name with KC.  We have a boy name.  We took a refresher childbirth class at Metro a few weeks ago.  I'm pre-registered at the hospital.  We have baby's room freshly painted, the crib set up and made with clean linens.  We have the pack n play set up in our room with it's coordinating bassinet, changing pad and mobile all in place.  My Boppy pillow is ready.  I have a baby boy and girl outfit purchased for bringing baby home in.  The car seat and base are clean and ready to install in the car.  Newborn diapers are bought, washed newborn clothes are folded or hanging in the dresser or closet by size.  Prepared well enough at the office to go on leave.  Am I missing anything?


Amber Lynn said...

Kizie wants you to have another shower so that the baby can be born the next day. :)

Also, I'm sure you have a plan for this, but if anything else falls through you can call me anytime to watch Ki if you have to go it.

Amy Melissa said...

Thanks so much Amber!

I was just thinking last night that if this baby was Malachi then I would have a shower today and go into labor early tomorrow morning.